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  1. 1 year!!!

    A year ago I made my first commit to github and one year later we opentumblr version 0.1.0 which is different from opentumblr-qt which carries more than 1000 downloads. There was a fork of the api developed by ryan.a.cox, same API we use for various projects as opentumblr-ce.

    Happy birthday, opentumblr!

  2. Opentumblr-qt 0.2

    i’m happy beacause my mom just made me delicious quesadillas and we are releasing the new opentumblr-qt version (0.2) it includes some changes and improvements including:

    * New Editor (bold,italic,strike text, insert links, image and read more option)

    * Remember me

    * Opentumblr icon

    I also made a screencast so you can watch it in action and decide if you want to upgrade it’s available on youtube. you can also check the source code on github. Will be nice to have some feedback, let us know if you want new features and if you found some bugs you can file them in we will try to give fix it as soon as posible.



    Hope you enjoy this release.

  3. Opentumblr-qt 0.1

    It’s a rainy day here and i’m proud to announce the first realease of the Qt version of Opentumblr, you should give a shot this version if you are using KDE as a desktop enviroment or you like Qt interfaces. A screencast is available here.


  4. Opentumblr 0.1.0 release

    The day comes, today is available the new version of opentumblr among the improvements is the redesign of the interface by eliminating several usability problems.